Roger Kidd offers drum lessons in his Salem, Oregon studio. Develop the ability to jam and play with other musicians with confidence. Expand your technical knowledge of drumming in areas such as notation, rudiments, and coordination.  Learn drumming styles such as Rock, Jazz, Pop, Funk, Country, and more.

Roger is a professional drum teacher with over 20 years of experience mentoring students of all levels. The Roger Kidd Drum Studio is currently accepting new students in Salem, Oregon.  Roger also offers convenient online drum lessons for students throughout the U.S.

Drum Studio

  • First lesson free!  Rates are $25 for half-hour sessions.
  • Customized lesson plans based on each individual’s learning style and goals.
  • Flexible learning options: drum lessons in the South Salem studio or online drum lessons.
  • Fun, relaxed teaching style to build your confidence.
  • Parents are always welcome.

If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact:

Roger Kidd
Phone: (503) 808-0418

About Roger

Roger Kidd Drum StudioA product of the vibrant West Coast music scene, Roger is a versatile musician with a range of playing experiences — rock, jazz, latin, funk, soul, and country. Roger has served as a drum clinician in public middle schools and has taught band students from elementary school through college.  Roger loves teaching and enjoys working with students to develop their musical talents.  He has dedicated himself to providing drum lessons that are interactive, supportive, and tailored to the individual’s learning style and experience.  All students are welcome, from beginners to advanced, including learners with special needs. References available upon request.

Meet Roger and hear him perform:

  • Sat., Dec. 8 – Wine Club Event @ Mystic Wines  Noon to 3:00pm


I took lessons from Roger from the age of 9 up until I left for college, and I even took lessons when I was home from college when I had the chance! Roger is the best drummer I know, and he’s even better at teaching than he is at playing. He ALWAYS makes it fun, and he understands how to alter and adapt his teaching methods/ style to fit the needs of the individual student. He will teach you nearly any style of drumming you want to learn, so you can play in any musical genre that interests you. Basically, he teaches you whatever it is you want to learn, while still making sure that you get all the fundamentals as well. You won’t meet a nicer, more patient, more enthusiastic individual, with SERIOUS drum skills. He loves the drums, and because of him I do too.

— Matt Pharisien, Student

My daughter took lessons from Roger from the age of 10-15. She is on the shy side, and Roger was able to make her feel at ease and elicit increasingly complex drumming from her over the years. I often sat in on the lessons and he has a variety of drills, games, and techniques he uses to teach new patterns and challenge his students. He involves his students by letting them bring in their own songs and is also willing to help tackle specific pieces for school or performance. From a parent perspective, he is well-organized, communicates clearly, and makes every effort to accommodate schedules and offer make-up lessons if needed. He is a pro, both as a drummer and a teacher. My kids have had a variety of tutors/teachers over the years for different instruments and school, and Roger is the “Gold Standard.”

— Colleen Dunn, Parent

Roger’s drum studio was a weekly oasis of success. From the time our son was in 5th grade, Roger became a valued positive force in his life. The lessons tailored to each student’s objective was an important part of the studio’s value, but it went further than that. The whole family spent some time in the studio (Mom, Dad, and 2 siblings) with Roger and our son. It was always a celebration of drumming, of music, and for life. Yes, we loved it (and Roger) that much.

— Chris Catlin, Parent